How we can help you

We are a firm that doesn’t just communicate progressive values, we live them. Our team is deeply connected to the movement and is committed to having our movement’s beliefs guide our work both internally and externally.

We’ll fight for you every day.

Digital Strategy

We develop custom, winning strategies for candidates, organizations, and nonprofits based on our decades of experience. It’s never mattered more to have a trusted partner like Fireside Campaigns on your team to develop digital-first strategies that work.

Strategic Communications

We’ve been helping organizations and candidates move from reactive to proactive communications for over 20 years. We can help you build and manage communications plans that match your priorities with the political environment on Capitol Hill, in state capitals or according to your organizations’ target list to ensure we are maximizing your opportunities.

Data & Analytics

In a world filled with trillions of data points, we can help your team make sense of what the most relevant, critical information will move your work forward. From strategic goal setting to policy impacts to paid media plans and reporting, Fireside Campaigns’ has over 20 years experience using data to change the world–from state legislative races to president, 2010 redistricting, and from non-profit organizations to party committees and independent expenditures.

Graphic Design

Fireside’s team of graphic design professionals have years of experience developing campaign branding from the ground up. From logos to emails, from infographics to mailers, we provide you with customized, impactful visual assets. We ensure your brand is reflected in every design, expanding your presence and amplifying your voice.

Public Relations

Fireside Campaigns is a leader in helping you create smart messaging and ensuring those messages get in front of the audiences you need. Our experts have helped organizations craft language that cuts through the clutter and delivers high-impact clips that help to change public opinion. We’ve helped to create the environment for successful legislative and political efforts across the country by meeting audiences where they are and telling stories that get them to support or oppose legislative efforts or candidates.

Crisis Communications

No crisis is the same, and when large organizations need a partner who can help steer a smart, holistic plan that protects their brand, they turn to Fireside. We’ve helped folks through some of the most difficult issues and challenging media environments over the past decade. We bring you an in-depth process of information collection, analysis, and decision tree creation that will help you address your issues head-on while also anticipating your future communication and brand-protection needs.

Digital Fundraising

We don’t believe in gimmicks or begging for dollars. We believe in building fundraising programs, whether through email, texting, or online advertising, that are grounded in authentic narratives and storytelling. And it works. Fireside Campaigns has raised more than $150 million for organizations and campaigns since 2019.

Digital Advertising

At Fireside Campaigns, we develop custom budgets, strategies, and high-quality content to find and activate supporters, persuade voters, and mobilize people to the polls. Want to raise money through email list-building and direct response? We have you covered. Need to persuade voters and get supporters to the polls with an integrated, audience-first digital advertising plan? We’ll help you win.


Launching a website is one of the most important early steps in the campaign process, giving you access to supporters and donors and establishing your legitimacy in the race. Our award-winning web team can design, build, host, and maintain your campaign’s website, using best-in-class technology to ensure your site is secure, stable, and prepared to handle spikes in traffic. We have experience working with all the major toolsets in the political space, including NGP Digital 8, ActionNetwork, and Mobilize, as well as private-sector tools like Mailchimp.

Video Creative

In this media environment, it’s harder than ever to grab someone’s attention. That’s why our creative approach is centered around pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in order to achieve your goals. Whether it’s a long form explainer or an original song, we can handle all of your creative needs.

Media Training

Fireside experts have helped train Congressional members, candidates, c-level executives and non-profit directors in making the most of their media hits. Our media trainings take you through the process of planning and message development, stage-craft and scenarios to ensure you have the best answers to questions you will get from reporters and show hosts. We will help you connect with audiences in ways that inform, educate and change the minds you need to change in order to be successful.

TV Booking

You need a firm who doesn’t just tell you what to do, but also digs in and gives you the capacity to get your experts or candidates in front of bookers and producers. Our team has the know-how and connections to ensure you have visibility on local and national tv, cable tv, radio, podcasts and print. We work with you to find the right placements, and then help you amplify those clips with social media and other collateral to ensure that we are maximizing your visibility.

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