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“Fireside Campaigns have been fantastic. They’ve been integral teammates who fight like hell to get us booked where we need to be. They’re accessible and reliable and have a ‘happy warrior’ thing going on that makes them a pleasure to work with in the progressive trenches.”

-Emily Phelps, Press Secretary for Indivisible

Fireside Campaigns is a majority queer-owned progressive digital, data, and communications consulting firm operating in the political space. We construct and execute intricate, multifaceted, coordinated strategies to deliver your message to America’s networks, newspapers, and living rooms. We are progressives working in the progressive space. We live our values, so your cause is personal to us.

Whether in the columns of the New York Times, on the airwaves of CNN, or in the inboxes of everyday Americans, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your message is heard. We draw on decades of combined experience in the communications and digital spaces to craft compelling arguments to get your cause the attention it deserves. So come, have a chat with Fireside.

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We are a firm that doesn’t just communicate progressive values, we live them. Our team is deeply connected to the movement and is committed to having our movement’s beliefs guide our work both internally and externally.

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